Best and Old File Hosting Services

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  • What is a file hosting service and name some free file hosting services?
  • Is there any file hosting service which provides unlimited storage for free?
  • Provide names of some old genuine free file hosting services with ultimate features?



Hello guys, today i am here to have a discussion on file hosting services and why exactly they are used for…

Host means “to store“. File Hosting means “Storing Files“. Some services provides an opportunity of storing files on their servers, they are known as File Hosting Services. Not every file hosting service is free, few of them are paid services which works only on premium subscription. Depending on their paid plans, they provide the best features.

However there is no rule that free file hosting service should not have any premium plans, they even have premium subscriptions. They uplift the limitations which free plan have upon paid subscription.

Here we discuss on only few file hosting services which are old genuine and best. They are providing their services for few years without any interruption and they are less intrusive too.

Most of the file hosting services annoy users by displaying ads and popups, we are not going to discuss about such services here.

One of the old free unlimited file hosting service is “File Factory“. Let’s Start with it…
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FileFactory - Best hosting site

File Factory is one of the best and oldest file hosting service. It provides unlimited storage space for hosting files of users. File factory was started during the year of 2005. It has always been the best place to upload and share files with no limits.

FileFactory is a leading provider of unlimited free file hosting. All files can be downloaded or streamed an unlimited number of times and Premium members enjoy unlimited speed, bandwidth and downloads.

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  • Unlimited Storage Space: Anyone can store any number of files in filefactory.
  • Unlimited File Bandwidth: No limits for file uploads and downloads.
  • Massive File Size: One can upload a file with a size of 5GB.
  • Uploading Files: There are facilities to upload files directly from your PC or one can upload file directly with Remote URL or one can use FTP for uploading files in FileFactory.
  • Import Files: Anyone can import files from other’s filefactory account into their own filefactoy account.
  • File Inactivity Limit: Files older than 30 days which are inactive are deleted. This is for registered free members only.
  • Password Protection: One can protect their files or foldersĀ  with a password so that nobody can see them.
  • Download Speed: Download speed will b maximum forĀ  premium users. For free users it is around 200 kbps.
  • Files Access: Any one can access their files from anywhere, provided that there should be an internet connection.

Note: Use the below button to sign up an account in FileFactory. Try it for free and then upgrade to premium account.

Join FileFactory!

Next to it, the old one which is less intrusive and best is “1Fichier”. Let’s discuss about it…


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1Fichier File Hosting Service

1Fichier is another old file hosting service which is the best and genuine. It also provides unlimited storage space in order to reserve files. It was started in the year of 2009.

1Fichier also provides CDN benefits, by providing links of files uploaded, with which they can be accessed directly. It is one of the top file hosting service with lot of users and data on its servers.

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  • Unlimited Storage Space: 1Fichier too provides unlimited storage space for its users.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: There is no cap on file bandwidth. Anyone can download and access it number of times.
  • File Size: 1Fichier allows upload of huge files i.e, very huge. File size limit is restricted to 100GB.
  • Uploading Files: There are 3 facilities available here to upload files. one is uploading directly from PC, another is uploading through Remote URL, and 3rd is using FTP to upload files to 1Fichier.
  • File Inactivity Limit: Files are removed after 15 days without downloads for guests, 30 days for registered users. Files are stored for unlimited period of time for premium users.
  • Password Protection: One can protect their files with a password after uploading in order to prevent unauthorized access. No one can download the file without the password.
  • Download Speed: The files download speed will be the maximum and unlimited for Premium Users. Download speed is restricted to 200 Kbps for Free Users and Guests.
  • Access Files: Files uploaded can be accessed from anywhere by the user, and anyone can download the file if he is provided with a download link.
  • CDN: Users can use 1Fichier as a CDN for files they uploaded into it.


Note: Use the below button to sign up a free account in 1Fichier. Try it for free first and then upgrade depending on your needs.


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