Effective Ways For Successful Affiliate Marketing Promotion

Ways to get awesome money through affiliate marketing

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This Topic Covers the Answers to the Following Questions
What are the possible ways for performing successful affiliate marketing?

With which methods affiliate marketing can be done with ease?

What are the tips for affiliate marketers who wants to earn money through affiliate marketing?

Effective Ways For Successful Affiliate Marketing Promotion

We already discussed what is affiliate marketing in our earlier post. If you haven’t read it yet, then go through our post ‘What is an affiliate marketing? How one can earn money through affiliate marketing?

In this article, we will discuss all the possible methods using which one can perform successful affiliate marketing and can generate awesome income with that.

We will list all the possible methods of promoting the products first then we will describe each of them in detail. The most successful ways of affiliate marketing are-

  • Social Media / Social Networks
  • Website / Blog
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Reviews
  • Advertisements
  • Offers / Coupons

Social Media / Social Networks

Social media or social networking websites are one of the best modes of promotion for any type of marketing whether it may be related to any product or any service. Almost 1 among 3 have a social media account, and the social media websites are mostly followed all over the planet earth.

Promoting the products on social media is the best strategy for successful affiliate marketing. Writing about the products and linking them with your affiliate link and directing the visitors to the dealers website is the best way for promoting the sales and earning commission.

Updating the content on social media regularly attract more visitors and followers on social network. This in-turn results in more exposure of your affiliate links, thereby causing increase in sales and commission.

The most widely used social network platforms are –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Flickr

And many more.

Each of the social networking website provides different marketing tools for promoting the user’s business. However, we can use their marketing tools for affiliate marketing too.

Each social network provides marketing programs for companies to promote their own products on social networks. For example, Facebook provides Facebook marketing, similarly LinkedIn has LinkedIn marketing and Instagram provides Instagram marketing.

Companies generally use their marketing programs and tools for promoting the sales of their products. However, we can use the social networks for sharing the affiliate link with large number of users.

In order to get awesome income n short time using this method, the affiliate links of the products should be shared on the social network accounts with huge friend lists, fans, and followers.

Website / Blog

Website or blog comes under second, next to social media. However, you have to remember that great content brings huge visitors, and huge visitors are the prerequisite for the successful affiliate marketing using this method.

What kind of stuff you have to post regularly on the website or blog –

  • Articles (Information) belonging to different niche (Medical, Technology, Web, etc.)
  • Unique and interesting content.
  • Reviews of products.
  • Tutorials which you know.
  • DIYs (Do it Yourself) Information.

Daily updating the content of the website or blog helps your website in appearing on top of the search engine results. The presence of your website or blog on the top will attract more visitors and followers. The more visitors on your website the more affiliate commission you will get through affiliates.

Posting fresh and unique content makes your website stand-alone among all the other websites. Writing the reviews of used products, and attaching them the affiliate links, is the best method for successful affiliate marketing.

Sharing Tutorials and DIYs on the website or blog also helps you a lot in gaining more visitors and more followers to your website/blog.

Do note that websites or blogs which are only meant for affiliate marketing without any worth content will be blacklisted by search engines. This type of blogs or websites would not be shown up on search results page. Best user experience is important criteria for search engines.

One more thing, in articles, when you introduced affiliate links then it should look natural and relevant to the topic. The article should not appear like that it is made for affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing

Emails are the next to websites or blogs. However, affiliate marketing through emails requires a huge list of subscribers. Newsletter subscription is one of the best way to get some genuine subscribers, and for a newsletter there should be own website or a blog with unique content.

Email marketing is promoting or marketing of products through emails. Email is the best mode of communication between the dealer and the customer. Similarly, it is the best means of communication between the affiliate marketer and the visitor who subscribed for a newsletter.

Products can be promoted through emails with attached affiliate links and commission can be gained in turn. The only downside is, emails should be sent within limits. The email server will get blacklisted if we use it limitless for marketing.

Either product banners or product description along with reviews with attached affiliate links can be sent through emails. The typical email template which we use for email marketing should have unsubscribe button at the bottom or else emails will reach spam folder of visitors.

How to build a huge list of subscribers for email marketing –

  • Through Newsletter Subscription – Newsletter subscription can be introduced on a website or a blog. Posting new, fresh, updated, and unique content regularly is again the main criteria here to increase visitors count and newsletter subscribers count.
  • Through User Account Creation – Allowing users to create an account on your website also helps in building a list of email subscribers. Email addresses of those users can be used for email and affiliate marketing.
  • Through Free Stuff – Ask your visitors to leave their valid email address in the popup form to get awesome free stuff for free.
  • Through Offers and Coupons – Ask your visitors to leave their email address for offers, coupons, and varied discounts on different products.

You can earn a lot in very short time if you a huge list of email subscribers.

Product Reviews

Writing the genuine product reviews after using the product and directing the visitors to the product’s sales page through the affiliate links is one of the best methods of affiliate marketing. Most of the people depend on reviews for purchasing the products.

A best product review can promote the sales of the product and in turn increases your commission revenue (income).

Tips for writing product reviews –

  • Describe the product as much as you can.
  • Mention the brand name, local name, and composition if any.
  • Write about ‘how the product helped you?’
  • Include answer for the question ‘Did the product reached your expectation?’
  • Mention the name of the digital website from where you bought it.
  • Finally insert your affiliate link (redirect link is much better) that helps in directing the visitors to dealer website’s sales page.

Direct affiliate links should be avoided as much as possible. The search engine rankings of your website may fall to down if you use direct affiliate links in posts or articles. As per the algorithms of search engines, the websites with affiliate links are built only for earnings, and these websites are of no use to users or visitors. Search engines treat these type of websites as spam, and push them to down in search results, and in some cases totally remove them from the search results.

In order to avoid the direct exposure of affiliate links, and to reduce spamming look, a redirection link should be used which finally leads to the same sales page of the affiliate link.

The product reviews should be genuine and authentic, and the affiliate (redirect) links should look natural.


This method generally requires an investment, If you are confirmed that you can earn more through your affiliate links than your investment, then only proceed with this method or else retrieve.

One has to deal with the advertising agency to show up your product ads associated with the affiliate link when some one search for that product in search engines. You have to make a deal with ads agencies which are tied up with the search engines.

These advertising agencies will disclose you the budget for your product ads and it totally depends on the time period for which the ad will be displayed. You have to pay the budget for the beginning of the advertising campaign.

If the products are worthy then definitely users will buy them and you will get the affiliate commission, If they are not then you will lose your money in advertisement campaign. Be alert prior to choosing this method of affiliate marketing promotion.

Tips for advertisement campaign –

  • The advertisement should be relevant to the product.
  • The advertisement campaign totally depends on keywords. For which keyword in search engines, the ad (text or banner) should be displayed. Do remember that the keyword should be directly linked to the product for which you are performing affiliate marketing.
  • The description of the product in the advertisement should be simple, short, and precise.

This method of affiliate marketing promotion is generally followed by affiliate experts as they know that they can gain back the money invested in advertisements along with profits.

Offers / Coupons

This method of affiliate marketing promotion is not applicable in all the cases. The companies should provide offers or discounts on the purchase of the products, and such products you have to select for affiliate marketing.

You have to provide the offers or the coupons to the visitors or subscribers for the purchase of the product. In this way, both you and the customer will get benefited, upon the sale of the product. The visitor or subscriber will get the discount on the product, and you will get your affiliate commission on the sale.

The products with offers or coupons can only be sold using this method of affiliate marketing.

Sharing offers or coupons is only possible through –

  • Social Media / Social Networks
  • Website / Blog
  • Email Marketing
  • Word of Mouth (Possible with coupon codes)

These are the major methods that can be used for successful affiliate marketing. Anyone can get huge money through the combination of all the above possible methods, provided that they should spend a quality time on it.

Thanks for reading…! We will meet soon in out next article…!

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