Interested in Selling Products whether Home-Made or Ready-Made but don’t know How to Ship?

Ship Products From Home or Any Location to Anywhere in India

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Most of the people have much talent hidden inside them, but they hesitate to reveal it publicly or don’t have any idea to make it public. They want to earn some bucks using their talent but don’t know how to and where to start. If you are among such people then you are in the right place.


This article is for all those

  • Who are already manufacturing products but don’t know how to ship across the country I.e., India.
  • Who are making DIY products and wants to sell them online across the country.
  • Who already purchased ready-made products and want to sell them across the country.


Delivery Services


Prior to entering our hot topic, I will let you know few important points, if you want to sell anything to anyone in India, there are few criteria, they are –

  • You need to Register a Firm Name I.e., Individual Proprietorship, LLP (Partnership), or Limited Company (Public or Private) – You can choose and register any name or your own name as the firm name.
  • You need a PAN card and a GST (Goods & Services Tax) number on Firm name.
  • You need a FSSAI license on Firm name if you are dealing with food products.
  • You need a Proper Location I.e., Address for your business.


If anyone wants to supply their products whether home-made DIYs or readymade across India, then they need to ship the product, and it is possible only with shipping services. There are many shipping services or delivery services available which serves thousands of pin codes in India, however dealing up with each of them is a hurdle.

Each shipping or delivery service has its own criteria for tying up –

  • A security deposit of not less than 25,000 INR.
  • Minimum number of orders per day
  • High charges on each order transport.
  • Higher amount settlement period.
  • Extra charges on COD method.


If you want to supply all over India, then you need to tie up with more than 2 services as few pin codes were covered by one service and the other pin codes were covered by other services. Now it is a time taking and complex process to have a deal with multiple shipping services.

The issues that can be faced with multiple shipping services are –

  • You have to login to each shipping service dashboard to keep a shipping order depending on serviceable pin codes of the service.
  • You must check each service separately to track the updates of your dispatch.
  • You must deal with the issues presented by each shipping service.


What if I tell you that

  • You do not have to tie up with different delivery services for delivering products across India.
  • You do not have to login to different shipping services dashboard for your shipping orders.
  • You do not have to deal with customer support of different delivery services for any issues.
  • You will feel happy, right?

There are few mediator services that connect you to different shipping services on their single platform, moreover these mediators do not have any criteria of security deposits or minimum number of orders per day, you have to login to their dashboard and place order and the mediator service provide you the list of delivery services among which you can select anyone for your shipment.


The most popular mediator services that are widely used across India are –

  1. Pickrr
  2. Shiprocket





Pickrr service was started in the year 2015. The team behind the Pickrr is expert at identifying problems in logistic industry but they are even better at finding the right solutions. Pickrr vision is to make shipping and logistics simple and seamless for every business in India.


Some Facts about Pickrr –

  • There are more than 75,000 satisfied customers getting benefits through Pickrr.
  • More than 1 Lakh shipments are processed per day through Pickrr.
  • There are 10 fulfilment centres across the country.


Features of Pickrr Service:

  • Ship Anything Anywhere – Ship anywhere in India across 26,000+ Indian pincodes and 200+ countries worldwide.
  • Multi-Location Pickup – Ship unlimited orders from multiple warehouses by road, sea or air depending on your preference.
  • Advanced Analytics – Monitor the shipping performance of all your orders through comprehensive daily and weekly reports.
  • Flexible Shipping Options – Select from a variety of specially designed weight slabs between 500 gm to 10 Kg to suit your shipping needs.
  • Manage Undelivered Orders with Ease – Decrease Return to Origin (RTO) for unsuccessful orders and process non-delivery reports (NDR) quickly.
  • Unlimited Orders, One Platform – Pickrr acts as the singular touch-point between you and 20+ carriers so you can manage your orders faster and with more efficiency.
  • Automated Carrier Selection – Process high-volume deliveries faster than ever with Calcula or AI-powered engine that selects an ideal carrier for your needs.
  • Real-Time Tracking – Get real-time email and SMS alerts to track your shipments. Receive daily NDR updates to handle delivery exceptions and evaluate delivery performance through MIS and daily pick-up reports.
  • Exhaustive Performance Reports – Monitor shipments, billing cycles, remittances, and evaluate your business growth on the Pickrr dashboard.
  • Lowest Rates from 20+ Carriers – Pickrr negotiated the best rates for your high-growth business so you can scale more and pay less.
  • Weight Reconciliation – Pickrr uses AI and machine learning to assign weights to SKUs. This means that whenever you place an order with Pickrr, Pickrr knows the exact weight of all your products at source and charges you based off it.
  • Early COD – Achieve rapid business growth through improved cash-flows with our customizable and automated billing cycles. Bulk-transfer remittances to your account within 2 days of order delivery.
  • 50+ Integrations – Pickrr is easily integrable with platforms such as Shopify, Magento, UniCommerce and WooCommerce for seamless and effective order management.
  • 20+ Delivery Partners – Pickrr works with leading courier companies such as Ecom Express, Blue Dart, Ekart Logistics, Delhivery, etc., to ensure our clients the lowest possible charges on shipping.
  • Customer Support – The customer care team at Pickrr strives to ensure the best possible experience for their clients, and is at your disposal to solve any queries or grievances.


Ready to give Pickrr a try, then follow our link to get up-to Rs. 500/- cashback on your first recharge –

Official Website: PICKRR




Shiprocket is one of the best eCommerce shipping solutions, trusted by over 1 Lac brands and entrepreneurs for lowest shipping rates, widest reach and best customer service. Shiprocket was started in 2017. It a product of BigFoot Retail Solution Pvt. Ltd., is one of India’s largest tech-enabled logistics and fulfillment platforms that aims to democratize the eCommerce landscape of the country.


Some Facts about Shiprocket –

  • There are more than 150,000 happy clients using the platform of Shiprocket.
  • More than 1 Lakh shipments are processed by Shiprocket per day.
  • There are 11 fulfillment centers I.e., warehouses of Shiprocket across the country.


Features of Shiprocket Service:

  • Multiple Shipping Partners – Ship with 17+ carrier partners from a single platform with no dependency on a single courier. Choose the best carrier for your business.
  • Shipping Rate Calculator – Calculate the shipping rates based on origin pin code, destination pin code, approximate weight, and dimensions of the shipment.
  • Discounted Shipping Rates – Ship across India at starting rates as low as Rs.19/500gm. Save on your shipping costs and increase profits!
  • Order Management – Manage all your forward and return orders from one platform. Create, process, and track your orders within a few clicks.
  • Global Shipping – Ship to over 220+ countries across the globe with leading courier partners such as DHL, FedEx, and Aramex.
  • Label and Buyer Communication – Choose the size of your label and decide on the information like address, phone number, etc. you want to mention on the label.
  • No Monthly/Setup Fee – With Shiprocket, you do not pay any monthly or setup fees. Shiprocket is FREE to use. Recharge your account and pay only for the shipping of your orders.
  • Maximum Insurance Cover – Avail insurance cover up to Rs. 5000 for lost shipments. No need to worry about losses once you are Shiprocket onboard!
  • User Centric Mobile Application – An easy to navigate iOS and Android application equipped with necessary features required to carry out shipping in an uninhibited manner.
  • Multi-functional Dashboard – Experience a diverse dashboard where you can manage your forward orders, return orders, synchronize your inventory, and track reconciliation.
  • Multiple Pick-Up Locations – Add multiple pickup addresses for forward and return orders to get your products picked up for shipping and delivery.
  • Billing & Weight Reconciliation – Stay up to date with all your billing and weight reconciliation through a dedicated panel within the platform.
  • Inventory Management – Manage your inventory within the platform as you can upload your master inventory within the panel and fetch all orders thereon.
  • Merchant Logs – Track your actions such as order import, bulk assign, etc. on the panel using the activity log located within the panel.
  • Timely COD Reconciliation – Automatically receive COD remittance thrice a week and in case of delay, not more than nine days.
  • Multiple Payment Options – Give your buyers freedom of choice by offering prepaid and cash on delivery (COD). We process both efficiently.
  • Real-Time Order Tracking – Give your buyers the comfort of tracking their orders SMS and email updates. Also provide them with a delivery preference for undelivered orders.
  • Post Ship – Provide buyers with a customizable tracking page, which contains marketing banners, links to related web pages, your support information, and a Net Promoter Score!
  • Courier Recommendation Engine – Courier Recommendation Engine (CORE) helps you select the best courier partner based on ratings, pricing, and performance.
  • NDR Management – Save time and money on your return orders with an automated non-Delivery tab. Maintain a thorough flow and do not get stuck with return orders.
  • Multiple Channel Integration – Automatically fetch all your orders from various sales channels and marketplaces like Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon, etc.
  • API Integration – Selling on different eCommerce platforms? No issues! Our API integration solution will manage your shipping on one platform.


Ready to give Shiprocket a try, then follow our link to get up-to Rs. 500/- cashback on your first recharge –

Official Website: SHIPROCKET
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