Wanna Make a Guy Fall in Love with You, Don’t Know How.. ?? Secrets Revealed


Practically there is relationship between men and women. In some cases men attracts women, where as in few cases women attracts men.

Today my post is related to first case i.e., men attracts women

Girls, today’s your lucky day, Few girls go crazy to say hi to the man of their dreams yet feel shy, from now you will never.

Just use this ‘love tips’ to make him fall in love with you.


Body language plays a crucial role in attracting the man you desire. Stand stiff, Do not droop, and carry yourself with tons of confidence. Remember, what you show is what he will see, so be confident when you are around him.

body language
There are many unseen signals to let him feel how special he is. For suppose, lean forward when he’s talking to you. That lets him know he has your full attention.

lean forward

Reach over and try to touch across his hand occasionally whenever you get a chance. These surprising touch moments will be a total trigger for him.

occasional touching


When it comes to love, sight conveys more than sound. Want to leave him hunger for you? Look into your ‘Mr X’ eyes and then chop him with your dazzling smile.

Dazzling smile
A smile unlocks the easiest way to the heart. Make eye contact and hold it for a few seconds even as a seductive smile plays upon your lips. Now look quickly away from him, before turning back to complete the effect. He will be out of breath in no time.

Smile and Eye contact

The University of Missouri conducted an interesting experiment to know, how powerful a smile can be. They prepared a woman sit at the bar and got her to make only eye-contact with the men around her. She had 20% of all the men in the bar approach her. The same experiment was then repeated, but now the lady added a smile with her eye contact. And guess what, she suddenly had the attention of 60 % of the male population. So all you girls out there say cheese and chop them.

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