How to Install WordPress in No Time?

Installation Procedure of WordPress

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How to Install WordPress in a Very Less Time?

How To Install WordPress In No Time


Installation Procedure of WordPress


We already learned about WordPress in our earlier post that It is the most widely used content management system (CMS) to build websites or blogs of any type ranging from personal to professional sites. If you haven’t referred the post yet then kindly follow the below link –



What Is WordPress


WordPress can be installed on local personal computer we called it as local server, or on a web server. The installation of WordPress usually takes 5 to 10 minutes and it is damn simple. Here we are going to discuss the procedure of installing WordPress on a web server. In order to install WordPress, the user should need a web hosting account.



Step 1 – Creating a Web Hosting Account


  • Choose a good web hosting company and sign up to their web hosting plan as per your affordability.
  • There are plenty of web hosting companies that provide web hosting service for free. However, these companies put limitations on the resources, and your website will goes down more frequently. The search engines would not prefer such websites that goes down within no time. Read some reviews and select a standard web hosting company to create your web hosting account.
  • While choosing a web hosting company pay attention to their customer support team whether a dedicated support team who works round the clock 24/7 are available or not.


We would like to recommend the following web hosting companies for your web hosting account:

BlueHost AccuWeb Hosting
DreamHost Hostinger International


  • After creating a web hosting account i.e., upon successful payment for their web hosting plan, login details of control panel will be sent to your mail from the web hosting company. Thus, the web hosting account is created successfully.


Step 2 – Downloading WordPress, Unzipping and Uploading it to the Web Server


  • After successful creation of web hosting account, follow up the details of control panel received in the mail and log in to it.
  • Now-a-days, the control panel of the web hosting account itself provides 1-click installer of WordPress. The user can use that 1-click installer to install WordPress on the web server. If the user is not familiar with this process of installing WordPress then the user can follow the other steps.
  • Download the latest WordPress software package from the official website of WordPress i.e.,

The download link is as follows –

  • Now the user can upload the downloaded zip file to the web server using the file manager in the control panel and then extract it on the web server using the same file manager.
  • Another way of uploading requires FTP client (like FileZilla) and FTP details which are displayed in the control panel. Open Filezilla and connect to the website using FTP details, extract the files from the downloaded WordPress package on the personal computer, and then upload the files to the web server through Filezilla.
  • There is one more way of uploading WordPress files to the web server i.e., using SSH client or console option available in the control panel. There is no need to download the WordPress package on personal computer, no need to extract it and no need to upload it. There is no need of any FTP client too. Simply using commands in SSH console can do the work for you –


Command 1:  wget

Command 2:  tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz

This will create a WordPress directory inside in which WordPress installation files are present. The user has to move the files to the main public directory for installing WordPress.


  • In this way, downloading, extracting, and uploading of WordPress core files should be carried out which is then followed by installation.


Step 3 – Installing WordPress on Web Server


  • Now it’s time to access the WordPress core files that are uploaded to the server in step 2.
  • Open any browser i.e., Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, etc., then type your website link. It will be automatically redirected to the installation process.
  • At the very first the installation will ask you to select language. Depending on your website niche, choose the website language and then go ahead.

Wordpress Install Select Language

  • The installation process will then ask you to enter the Database details. Now it’s time to create a database and a user with all the privileges to manage the database.


WordPress Install Database Details


Creating a Database –

  • The user can create the database using ‘Databases’ option in the control panel of web hosting account. The user has to decide the name of database and then have to click on create database. The database will be created.
  • Now it’s time to create a database user. The user must have all the privileges to create, edit, alter, manage, and delete the tables in the database if necessary. Create a database user with desired name and password, then add the user to the database with all the privileges being selected.
  • Now you have got all the details of a Database, i.e.,


Database Host: localhost.

Database Name: The name you selected while creating database.

Database User: The name you selected while creating database user.

Database Password: The password you selected while creating database user.

Database Table Prefix: Leave it as default i.e., wp_.


  • There is another way of creating a database and database user using ‘PhpMyAdmin‘. We will discuss this method in a separate post or article.

Finally the user got all the details related to database.

  • The installation screen of WordPress will ask you to enter all the details of Database, the user has to enter them correctly and then the user should click on ‘Next’ or ‘Continue’.
  • Now the installation screen will ask for website title name and administrator (admin) details. Here the admin is the person who will access to everything in the WordPress, so be sure that the user should not give admin access to anyone, it should purely belong to website owner.

WordPress Install Website And Admin Details

  • Finally you will get a ‘Hurray – Your Installation is Finished’ message.

From now on, the user can log in to the WordPress dashboard with admin credentials and then install themes and plugins as per the user’s requirement.

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