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What are the Natural Remedies alias Home Treatments for Quick Relief of Acidity / GERD / Acid Reflux / Heartburn?

Acidity is the most common issue in the living beings. Almost 90% of a population around the world suffers from Acidity. Acidity, if left untreated, may lead to major problems such as Peptic Ulcers, Gastro-Esophagal Reflux Disease (GERD) and Gastric Tumors etc. Thus Acidity should be treated well and within time.

In my earlier post “Tips to Knock Out Acidity“, I mentioned all the important points that should be kept in mind to manage and control acidity. If you didn’t read it, please refer it once. If you already referred the article then let’s proceed to Natural Remedies / Home Treatments for Acidity.

Top and Best Natural Remedies / Home Treatments for Acidity:

1. Water:

Water for Treating Acidity
Water is one of the wonderful gift presented to us on this planet. Most of the problems get cured with just water. Those who consume plenty of water on a daily basis can be declared as healthiest persons of the world. Water eliminates most of the problems from the body.

A Role of water in Acidity:

Water dilutes the Hydrochloric Acid formed in the stomach thereby reducing its Adverse effects. In most of the cases, Hcl secreted in the stomach damage the inner mucous lining which ultimately leads to Peptic Ulcers and Gastric Tumors etc.

Thus Drinking more water than the daily requirement helps in managing Acidity.

Hope you already know about the Daily Requirement of Water. If not, then please remember that 5 liters of Water / Day is usually required for proper functioning of a body.

2. Butter Milk:

Buttermilk for Treating Acidity
Butter Milk is another simple remedy for treating Acidity and Heartburn. Hope everyone knows the procedure of preparing Butter Milk. If not then please read below-

Procedure for Preparing Butter Milk:

Plain Butter Milk– Add a glass of water i.e., approximately 200 ml of water to a tablespoon full of curd. Add 1 or 2 pinch(es) of salt to the mixture. Shake it well and just consume it. This should be followed every meal of the day for best results.

Butter Milk with Additives– You can add Coriander Leaves and Black Mustard Seeds (Rai in Hindi) to Plain Butter Milk and Consume it. You can even add a pinch of Fenugreek Seeds Powder to Plain Butter Milk and have it daily for better results.

Role of Butter Milk in Acidity:

In general, Butter Milk contains Lactic Acid as the main constituent which has the tendency to neutralize the Hydrochloric Acid formed inside the stomach. Thus Butter Milk helps a lot in controlling Acidity and Heartburn.

3. Basil (also known as Tulsi) Leaves Juice or Tea:

Basil Leaf Tea or Juice for Treating Acidity
Basil (Hindi: Tulasi) Leaves Juice or Tea is another best and simple home remedy for treating Acidity.

Role of Basil Leaves in Acidity:

The constituents present in the Basil Leaves helps in soothing the Inner Esophageal Lining and Stomach Mucous Lining. Moreover, Tulsi leaves have a Carminative property which prevents the Gas formation thereby relieving Flatulence.

Methods of Using Basil Leaves:

  • Simply chew 3-5 Basil Leaves multiple times in a day to get rid of Acidity and Flatulence.
  • Basil Leaf Tea: Add 3-5 Basil Leaves to a cup of water and Boil them at least for 15 minutes. Add Honey as sweetening agent to the mixture. Allow it to cool, Remove the leaves and Drink it. Please avoid “Hot” things during Acidity because they may worsen the situations.
  • Basil Leaves Juice: Dry some Basil Leaves in shadow, Please avoid sunlight during the process of drying. Grind the Dried Leaves with the help of stone and continue the process until you get a fine powder. Add 1 or 2 pinch(es) dried leaves powder to a glass of lukewarm water and thoroughly mix it. Drink this juice 2-3 times in a day.
  • Basil Leaves Capsules: Bring Empty Gelatin Capsules from the Market. Open the capsule and fill it with Dried Basil Leaves Powder up-to half then close it. Administer 1 or 2 capsules per day depending on your acidity.
  • Basil Leaves with Food: You can add few Basil leaves to food items during their preparation. It also helps in managing and controlling acidity.

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