Tips and Natural Remedies to Beat the Heat of the Summer


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What are the Tips to Get Protected from Adverse Effects of Summer Heat?
What are the Natural Remedies to Cool up the Over-Heated and Severely Dehydrated Human Body?

Heat affects the human body in numerous ways. The major problem among them is “Dehydration“. Severe dehydration even leads to death of living beings as water is the main constituent which plays a vital role in functioning of body organs. All living beings need water for their survival, If water gets completely eliminated from the body then it leads to major issues including Heart Stroke.

For more details on dehydration such as causes, symptoms and diagnosis of dehydration etc., refer our previous post stating “What is Dehydration and How it affects the Body?

Many people die every year due to lack of water. Some people even don’t know this could be the reason for death. However if we diagnose it at the earliest then simple remedies will help us in treating this life threatening dehydration. Let’s move on to our main concept now.

Note: Natural Remedies works the best if you follow them along with the Tips mentioned. Thus, Both the Tips and Natural Remedies should be followed for Best Results

Tips to Manage the Body during Summer:

Avoid Travelling and Working under Sunlight during Summer

  • In most of the reported cases, wandering here and there under direct sunlight of summer resulted in Dehydration. So the best solution for this is to Minimize the works at day time and postpone them for evening hours. I am not saying that you have to completely avoid work during day time, just try to optimize them and whenever there is possibility of doing work later then shift it to evening hours. Please do note that “No thing is greater than your Health in this World”. If you stay safe then you can do a lot 🙂

Sweat Evaporation during Summer

  • Direct Sunlight / Heat results in evaporation of Sweat which ultimately leads to Dried Skin. Do you know that “Sweat moisturizes your skin and protects it from various harmful effects”. Now the Sunlight burns your Skin which results in Irritation and Itching. The Best Way to get protected from this is applying Sun screen lotion or Moisturizing cream over the skin prior to going out. Another way is Completely Covering up the Body with Scarf, Burka etc., so that no sun rays reach your skin directly.

Keep a Water Bottle along with you during Summer

  • Keep a Water Bottle, filled up with water, always with you when you decide to travel. Try to drink half a glass of water for every half-an-hour during traveling. It compensates the water which eliminated out in the form of sweat.

Wear a Helmet during Summer

  • Wear a Helmet while you travel on Motor Bikes or At-least wear a Cap. It protects your head from direct sunlight / heat. Do you know that “Most of the Brain functions stops and you will be unconscious if your head excessively heated up”, so protect it from over-heating.

Use AC and Air Coolers during Summer

  • Try to implement Air Conditioning System (AC) in your Office and Home. If you can’t afford the price, then at-least make use of Air Coolers during work time and in your home.

Wear a Cooling Glass during Summer

  • Wear Cooling Glasses while you are out. Sharp sunlight in some cases such as in patents with Migraine may worsen your Head-ache. Moreover in rare cases, a person will even lose his eye sight under sharp sunlight. Thus using cooling glasses helps you a lot.

Don't Forget to Wear Underwear and Baniyan during Summer

  • Don’t forget to wear Underwear Clothes such as Baniyan etc. They helps in absorbing sweat instead of evaporation thereby cools up your body under severe heat and even protects your skin from burning. Moreover try to avoid wearing very fit clothes during summer, it causes uneasiness.

Use White Cotton Clothes during Summer

  • Wear White Cotton Clothes during Summer. They are the better absorbents of Sweat and even they reflect the sunlight thereby protecting you from its harmful effects. The absorbing nature of the cotton maintain cool environment around your body.

Sleep as much as you can during Summer

  • Sleep as much as you can during summer. If you are old then resting hours should be increased than the general resting time. It helps you a lot in normal functioning of body vital organs. It’s a humble request to old persons to avoid traveling and doing work during day time in summer.

Please keep all those tips in mind so as to stay safe from Heat of Summer.

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