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What is URL Shortening?
What are the Benefits of URL Shortening?
What are the Top Free URL Shortening Services of 2016 and 2017?

URL Shortening:

In a simple sense, URL is an address of a website or we can say an address of World Wide Web (WWW). URL is a short form of Uniform Resource Locator.

For Example: the Web Address (URL) of this Site i.e., eInfo Desk is

URL can only be accessed in Internet Browsers. There are plenty of browsers available for free such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc. One can use any of the Browser to checkout the URL.

URL Shortening, also known as URL Shrinking, is a process of Changing Long URLs to Short Ones. Even with the Short URL, one can reach the same destination as that of with Long URL.

Benefits of URL Shortening:

Is there any need of shortening URLs? If this is the question, then my answer is definitely YES. If you look at any URL exactly then you will find a minimum of 50 characters at least which will be hard for us to remember that so as to visit it in the future. In such cases URL Shrinking alias, Shortening plays a vital role. Here are the advantages of URL Shortening-

  • Free of Cost– Most of the websites offers URL Shortening at zero cost.
  • Short in Length– The Shortened URL is always very less in alphabetical characters.
  • Easy to Remember– As a length of URL is short then definitely it is easy to remember that.
  • Easy to Share– Shortened URLs useless characters so you can use them while sending Messages via Mobile, While Tweeting via Twitter (As Twitter provides only 140 Characters for a Tweet) etc.
  • Hide / Mask Original URL– If anyone wants to Hide or Mask the Original URL from the viewer then they can send them Shortened Link.
  • To Generate Temporary Link (URL)– Anyone can shrink URL to get Temporary Links which will get deleted automatically after a certain period.
  • To Earn Money– Few URL Shortening Services pay you upon Shortening the URLs and sharing them with your friends and on Social Media. However, 1000 of clicks and impressions are needed to generate money.

These are the few advantages of URL Shortening. However one can use URL Shrinking in his own way depending on his needs.

Top and Best Free URL Shortening Services:

Free URL Shortening / Shrinking Service:

Free URL Shortening / Shrinking Service
Free URL Shortening / Shrinking Service is a brand new website which offers URL Shortening free of cost. It is one of the best website offering URL shrinking service with multiple advanced features at no cost.


  • Absolutely Free to Use.
  • Custom Alias– Using a name of your choice for shortened URL in order to remember it perfectly.
  • Statistics– Provides a clear picture of shortened URL usage i.e., how many times it has been clicked, from which countries people accessing the URL etc.
  • Dashboard– A place where all the URLs shortened are bundled. Editing of Old Shortened URLs is possible too via the User Dashboard.
  • No Limits– It is Free and It is Unlimited. Use it to any extent. Shorten as many URLs as one need. The Shortened URLs were stored for an unlimited period of time with No Expiry Limit.
  • Password Protect– Protect the Shortened URL with a password so as to restrict access.
  • Geo-Targeting– Amazing feature available for free. Extremely useful in case of affiliates. Few sites like Amazon provides different affiliate codes for different countries, in such cases, Geo-targeting helps a lot.
  • Splash Pages– Splash page is an intermediate page between the Shortened URL and the Destination URL. Ads can be placed on Splash Pages thereby Earning is possible with this feature.

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