How to Access Country Specific Blocked Websites


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How to Access Blocked Websites?
How to Unblock Websites at Schools, Universities and Offices?
How to Maintain Privacy while Accessing the Blocked Websites?
How to Prevent Information Leaking While Accessing Such Websites?

There are few things you must need to know before going in-depth into this topic. What is Internet? How do one can get an Internet Connection? What does IP and ISP means?

I will explain all this things in very simple sense. Internet is just a network with which all of the global computers, means all computers of the world, are interconnected. If two computers are connected then they can transfer, receive and download files or data between them. In the very similar way, anyone can download, transfer and receive files or data from any computer all over the globe via Internet.

Hope you come to know about Internet. Now let’s proceed to how it works? All this processes of data transfers among computers works on a protocol known as Internet Protocol (IP). An Internet Protocol is just a set of rules which generally governs the Internet Activity. It also facilitates the completion of several activities and processes of the World Wide Web (WWW).

Now what about an IP Address? An Internet Protocol Address, in short IP Address,  is simply an address assigned to your computer to differentiate it from all the other computers of the world. Suppose someone needs to send you an email then how can he communicate with your computer, here comes the role of IP Address. Simply we can say IP Address is Internet Address of your Computer similar to that of Postal Address of your Home.

Finally What is ISP? Full form of ISP is Internet Service Provider. They provide you Internet Connection via High-Optic Fibers with which mega to gigabytes of data can be transferred within seconds or minutes depending on the speed.

Unblock and Access any Website

Generally ISP controls your Internet Activity by allowing access to websites you want to visit. However in some cases they restrict some websites and prevent them from loading on the Internet Browser screen. Similar cases are seen while browsing (surfing) internet in Schools, Offices and Governmental Organizations. They block access to certain websites. In real, they are doing the righteous thing as they don’t want to distract students or employees from their work. If you ask me how they get distracted? then my simple answer is Social Networking and Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. They are the primary source of distraction in today’s era.

However let’s proceed to today’s hot topic of accessing the blocked websites. You will find many ways in other website’s posts but only few, may be 2 to 3 ways works fine.

How to Unblock and Access Websites:

In most of the cases, changing the Primary and Secondary DNS may resolve the issue of blocked websites however it doesn’t work in ISP Banned Websites.

Changing Primary and Secondary DNS Server:

Changing Primary and Secondary DNS Settings
This Method is not the solution in all the cases. Preferred and Alternative DNS settings sometimes control your internet activity. They restrict sites from loading as rules were set for those websites in that way. Simply changing the settings of Preferred and Alternative DNS may remove the restriction of accessing websites.

You will find this settings in “Network and Sharing Center”. In most of the computers, you will see Network icon on the Desktop. Click on it and then proceed to Network and Sharing Center. Click on Connected Network and Select Properties. Then select Internet Protocol Version 4 option and click on Properties. That’s it there you will find Preferred and Alternate DNS settings. Just change them to Google’s OpenDNS Settings.

Route to Perform this:

My Computer —> Network —> Network and Sharing Center —> Click on Connected Network —> Click on Properties —> Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) —> Click on Properties —> Change Preferred (Primary) and Alternate (Secondary) DNS settings.

Step-by-Step Procedure with Screenshots and Video: How to Change Primary and Secondary DNS settings

That’s it, this is one of the simplest method for accessing blocked websites.

Using Proxy Websites:

Using Proxy Websites
Using proxy websites you can unblock websites. Proxy websites serves as mediator or we can say connector between you and the blocked website. Most of the proxy websites provide their service free of cost.

Features and Benefits of Proxy Websites:

  • Access websites at super speed.
  • Surf Anonymously. Your location can’t be traced and your privacy remains standard here.
  • Access websites which are blocked at Schools, Offices and Governmental Organizations without any restriction.
  • Final Destination of Website i.e., Blocked Website via Proxy is similar to that of Original Website. No changes were made by Proxy sites.
  • Data i.e, Information you submit through Proxy site remains encrypted and secured without any Data Breach.
  • Visit your favorite sites without limitation and restriction.

Few Examples of Proxy Websites:

Please copy and paste the links above in your Browser and visit the Proxy Sites. After visiting don’t forget to enter the blocked website link into their form and then submit.

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