10 Answers Interviewers expect from you when They Ask These Questions


Today, we will discuss on What Interviewers stands for When They Ask These Questions, the reasons why he/she asking you these questions is not just to hear your answers, but to find out what your intentions are and how your character is. So we’ve listed a couple of the most popular interview questions below and what the interviewer really means when they ask you these questions. Hopefully these suggestions will make you achieve your goal of career.

  1. Tell me about yourself ?

tell me about yourselfOK, you should face this question because it’s the most basic and expected question out of every job interview. We want to see how you carry yourself and how expressive you are. We also want to know what you think are the highlights of yourself and your career and what’s special about you.

  1. What are your greatest weaknesses ?

What are your greatest weaknessesYou know this question is coming, let’s see how honest and thoughtful you can be. Not to mention how prepared you are. Please don’t give us answers like, “My weakness is I work too hard.” We can see right through that. This question can reveal how sensitive you are and how practical you are when a problem arises.

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