Why do Computers keep Hanging and their Remediation steps

Let’s discuss about the different reasons behind the system getting hung and their Remediation.

Following are the reasons:

  1. Processor is overheated, too many applications running at the same time(Load Balancing).
  2. Virus attacks on the computer which consumes memory or infected with malicious program (malware).
  3. Installation of a new software that is incompatible with the existing hardware components.
  4. Installing incompatible drivers or out-dated drivers will cause the system unresponsive.
  5. Computer does not have enough space or hard drive corrupted.
  6. Too many start-up applications might take longer time to load the initial screen.
  7. Hardware of the computer is heated up (Cooling or processor fan issues).
  8. A network bug.
  9. Two or more antivirus installation on the same PC.
  10. Too many background processes which are not required too many files in the temp directory.
  11. Installing unnecessary tool bars.
  12. A program or application waiting for a resource that is not available.

The above listed are some of the reasons behind the system getting hanged.

Now let’s discuss on the steps to prevent them and remediation for some of the issues highlighted above.

  1. Cleaning up temp and other unwanted files. Follow the below procedure in order to achieve this.
    • Go to Start -> Run -> then type %temp% (delete all temp files).
    • Go to Start -> Run -> then type temp (delete all temp files).
    • Go to Start -> Run -> then type prefetch (delete all files).
  2. Go to My Computer -> select all the hard disk drives i.e.(Local Disk C:,D:,E: etc.) -> right click & select properties and click on Disk cleanup.
  3. Go to Start -> Run -> then type msconfig. Windows System Configuration tool will be opened.
    • On the Start-up tab, select the items and click the disable all button to disable the applications selected that run on startup.startupscreen
    • To further boost the PC performance and speed, go to the Services tab, check the Hide all Microsoft services box and disable/stop all running applications.startupscreen2
    • Apply the changes and you would be prompted to restart your computer.
    • For a quicker temporary fix; on the General tab, choose the Diagnostic startup or the Selective startup with only Load system services checked.startupscreen3
    • On restarting your computer after performing the above rituals, the hanging and freezing would be gone.
  4. Installing antivirus, scanning for suspicious files or malware if any. If found, delete them.
  5. Uninstalling any unwanted or unused software’s and unresponsive plugins.
  6. Cleaning up the desktop and the browser history regularly.
  7. Make free space in your hard disk.
    • Go to –> Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –>Defragmentation.
  8. When your system or application hangs. Do the following:
    • Press Ctrl + Alt +Delete Or Ctrl + Shift + Esc.(Right-Click on the application or the task and go to process tab. Now just click on End Process to kill that unresponsive Process. Click On Yes And Done, Back To Normal.)startupscreen4
  9. Install only compatible drivers.

These are some of the key remediation steps which can be taken to avoid the system getting hung.

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