Toughest Interview Questions you should know..


Today, we will discuss on all the consequences we will face during the interview session and how to manage them. The way you respond will brings you the impression of interviewer. Hopefully these suggestions while giving interview will make you achieve your goal of career.

 Suggestions for answering the toughest interview questions:

1. Why Should I Hire You ?

why should i hire youThe most ignored question is also the one most candidates are unprepared to answer. Your job is to show why you are the most qualified candidate. Check the job description and qualifications very closely to identify the skills and knowledge that are important to the position, then identify experiences from your past that show those skills and knowledge.

2. Why Is There A Gap In Your Work History ?

why is their a gapCompanies understand that people lose their jobs and it’s not always easy to find a new one fast. When answering this question, list activities you have been doing during any period of unemployment. Self-employed projects, unpaid assistant work or taking care of family members all let the interviewer know that time off was spent efficiently.

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