How to Use Google Drive as Content Delivery Network (CDN)


As stated in my earlier post, Content Delivery Network plays a Vital Role in Increasing Website Traffic and Search Engine Ranking.

Now, We will discuss on How to use Google Drive as CDN for our Website, Strange to hear… 🙂

Yep you can host your Website Files on Google Drive and Link that Files to your Website, thereby Google Drive act as CDN for your Website.

Generally Google provides 15 GB per user for all Google Apps such as G-Mail, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets etc., etc.. 5-10 GB is more than enough for all Google Apps. The what so remained can be used for hosting Static Files of your Website. Google Officially announced that Google Drive can be used for Publishing Feature, then What all are waiting for.

Procedure for Hosting Website Files on Google Drive and Linking them with your Website:

Generally the Static files of Website includes HTML files, CSS files, JavaScript files and Images. So we can host all this Files on Google Drive as described below.

Step 1: First Visit the Link

Step 2: Login to you Google Drive Account and Click on New Button and Select Folder Option as shown below.

New > Folder

Creating New Folder in Google Drive

Step 3: Put a Name to your Folder and Click on “Create” as shown below.

Name your Folder > Create

Naming the New Folder in Google Drive

Step 4: Right Click on Created Folder with Mouse and Select “Share” Option as shown below

Right Click on Folder > Share

Sharing Created Folder by Right Clicking on it in Google Drive

Step 5:  A Box will popup as you click on Share. Now, Click on “Advanced” Option as shown below.

Share > Advanced

Advanced Option shown in Sharing in Google Drive

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