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Free Medical eBooks Providing Sites
Medicine is a branch of science which deals with the Practice of Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Disease. Medicine includes variety of Health Care Practices to Restore and Maintain Health. The practice of Medicine involves Prevention and Treatment of Illness.

Medicine is in-turn divided into many branches i.e., fields such as Orthopedics, Gynecology, Neurology, Urology etc. depending on the human body parts involved. For Example, the field of medicine which deals with Bones, Bone Related Disorders is Orthopedics. Similarly the field of medicine which deals with Female Reproductive Organs such as Vagina, Uterus etc. is Gynecology. If Nerves are involved then it is Neurology and If Kidneys are involved then it is Urology.

Generally Medicine requires plenty of information which is furnished by Medical Books. In today’s era, no body wish to buy Hard-Copies and carry them for their studies, they want information on the go which is only possible with Internet or Digital Books. The simplified form of Digital Books is eBooks.

Anyone can buy Medical eBooks from various online stores such as Amazon etc. In general, Medical eBooks are very costly. Don’t know why they are priced so high. In my sense, Education is not a business, It should not be sold instead it should be shared at no cost. This doesn’t mean that the Books should be freely available, the price should be affordable which helps a lot of people.

Now-a-days the reason why people lack behind is only the costliness of education. Anyhow we are not here to discuss on Education. There are plenty of Sites which provides Medical eBooks for Free, we had gathered a list of sites which helps you a lot during your course of MBBS and Post-Graduation i.e., Specialization.

Note: Using any of the Site which provides Free eBooks under any means Without the Permission of Publishers or Authors is considered as Illegal Practice. So make sure about this prior to using any Free Medical eBooks providing sites. This topic is published for Informational Purpose Only and to help those who really can’t afford buying costly books and lack behind. If you are not under this category then consider buying them instead of involving in Copyright Violations.

Best Sites Providing Free Medical eBooks:

1. Medical-Dental eBooks:

Medical-Dental eBooks
Generally this site is Dental eBooks providing website. However it includes Medical eBooks as sub-category. There are plenty of eBooks available on this site which would be really helpful for Medical Studies.


  • 1000’s of Medical eBooks are available for Free Download.
  • Easy to Download. The Download Links belongs to Cloud Services.
  • eBooks belonging to different categories i.e, different medical fields are available.
  • Most of the eBooks are in PDF format. Rarely you will find EPUB, DJVU, CHM etc. formats.
  • Frequency of site update is less.

Visit the Official Website: Medical-Dental eBooks

2. Medical Books Free:

Medical Books Free
Medical Books Free is another best website which provides thousand’s of Medical eBooks for Free. This eBooks are really helpful for those who students who are pursuing their Graduation and Post-Graduation in Medicine.


  • Regularly Updated. Frequency of site update is high.
  • Plenty of Medicine eBooks available for Free Download.
  • Most of the Download Links belongs to Nitroflare Service thus Downloading is not so easy. Restrictions are more on Downloads. Moreover Nitroflare won’t works in most of the countries such as India etc. due to country specific ISP blocking.
  • Different Medical Fields eBooks are placed.
  • Accessing of site is easy and flexible.

Visit the Official Website: Medical Books Free

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