How to Earn Money Online

Guaranteed Ways for getting Huge Income Online


This Topic Covers Answers to the Following Questions
  1. Is money really necessary for everyone?
  2. Why do people prefer money over all other things?
  3. What are the ways for getting sufficient income by sitting at home? How one can make money online from home?
  4. Name some online jobs or works which provide sufficient money for sustenance on earth?


How to Earn Money Online


Let’s start with the word ‘Money‘.

Money is treated as a God in this world. Everyone thinks that without money, nobody can survive in this world. Up to me, I think it’s Oxygen, Water, and Food without which nobody survives on this planet. Money plays a vital role in every aspect of life.

Money fulfills all the needs of human beings over time. Money is required for buying all the things necessary in our day-to-day life. Without money, there is nothing in this world. Even relationships do exist depending on your money status. You will find your friends around you until your pocket is full, when it gets empty you will remain with your only shadow.

One has to be financially good to earn respect in this society. People prefer money over all other things because they think that money can buy anything in this world. I am not familiar with this opinion as money can’t buy happiness, trust, faith, love, and there are many more which can’t be bought but instead should be gained.

However, there are people around this world who are really in need of money for their survival or for their family existence. This is the article written for such type of people who are in need of income for their daily sustenance.

There are numerous ways of earning money, some people use legal ways and some use illegal ways to earn money.

Today we will discuss here the legal possible ways for earning money online. These methods are particularly useful for students, housewives, and elderly people who are unable to afford them.

I will assure you that every way we are going to discuss here is going to bring you money sufficient for not only your survival but also for your family’s survival too.

I would like to place ‘Affiliate Marketing’ at the top of all the other ways of earning money online.


Affiliate Marketing


The top-most easiest way of earning money online is Affiliate Marketing. What is an Affiliate, first? Affiliate can be anything, a product or a service (in some cases), which doesn’t belong to you in any sense. Marketing in other words is promoting, so Affiliate Marketing is promoting other’s products or services for mutual benefits.

Let me explain you clearly with a hypothetical example:

Let us suppose there is a product named ‘X’ and it belongs to a company named ‘Y’. The product ‘X’ is available in the market. The company ‘Y’ wants to increase the sale of its product ‘X’, so the company declared that it provides a percentage commission to those who promote the sale of the product ‘X’.

Now it’s a great chance for you to make use of the offer. Promoting doesn’t mean you have to visit the home of a customer like a salesperson and describe the product. You have to promote the product ‘X’ digitally. In this way, you will get a nice income from the product company.

There are some thousands to lakhs of products available on the market. Choosing the products of companies that provide high commission and promoting them brings you enough money that you never imagined

Again, there are numerous ways for carrying out affiliate marketing, a few among them are –

  • Use your own social network accounts i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Using your own blog or website.
  • Using word of mouth.

We will be going to discuss each and every possible way of doing successful affiliate marketing elaborately in our next affiliate marketing article ‘Effective Ways For Successful Affiliate Marketing Promotion‘.

I will also disclose to you the list of top affiliate marketing providers among which you can select and make use of their products for earning money online.

The second priority is ‘Blogging’ in my sense which is the best possible way for getting sufficient income.




In my sense, Blogging is another great way for earning some good money, however, patience is greatly required. This is not like, today you do work, and tomorrow you will get the money for the work you did yesterday.

Let me explain to you what is blogging first? In a simple sense, Blogging is writing what you have in your mind and updating it regularly. A person who writes and updates regularly whatever in his/her mind is known as a Blogger, and the place where he/she writes and updates the content is called a ‘Blog

Blogging usually needs a platform, where one can write the content, edit and update it whenever there is a need, such a platform is called ‘Content Management System (CMS)‘.

There are numerous services that provide Content Management System (CMS) for free. Among them, the top CMS providers are –

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Wix

And many more.

Up to now, you learned what is blogging. Now you have got doubt that how one could earn money with blogging? Yes, you can earn with blogging.

Blogging brings up visitors to your blog and definitely it will increase your fan following. Now you can sell space on your blog to advertisers where they pay you a lot of amount for that.

Not only selling space but there are also a lot of services which provides ads. The top among them is ‘Google Adsense’. You can apply for different advertisement providers and place their ads on your blog or website. They will fund you depending on CTR (Click-Through Rate), and CPC (Cost per Click).

Lots of visitors bring you a lot of money. However, you can’t earn more by running a blog on Blogger or WordPress, or any other blogging medium, as it lacks flexibility, the options provided on those platforms are limited, so you can’t use everything freely.

You have to run your own blog or website which needs the following –

After obtaining a good domain name and a good web hosting account then you can use open-source WordPress CMS and start publishing articles/posts on your own blog/website. If you don’t have any idea of creating your own blog/website then you can start from scratch ‘How to Create your own Blog/Website?

We will be going to discuss all the possible ways of getting a huge income through blogging in our next blogging article.

I will also disclose to you the tips for raising the visitor count to your blog.


Content Creation and Sharing


Everyone knows what is content. Content can be anything, a video, audio, tutorial, or simply a text. Creating content and sharing it helps you a lot in earning bucks. Today everyone depends on the internet for learning things, they will simply start surfing the internet when they don’t know something. What, if you are the one who knows that and you shared the content on the internet, you will get the viewer for your content. Do you know, more viewers of your content will generate more revenue for you.

Whatever information you know, sharing it matters a lot. Not only it will generate income for you but also you will get huge followers, and with them, your earnings will be awesome.

Everything is perfect up to here, you came to know that with content you can earn money. Now, you should get a question in your mind, how one can earn money with content. Let me explain this, Monetization is the only way that you can earn money with your content, you have to monetize your shared content.

Now another question arises here, how one can monetize their own content shared on the internet?

Monetization for content can be done with the help of advertisements and affiliate ads. There are plenty of platforms that provide the feature of monetization if you upload your content on their websites. Such platforms place ads on your content and they will share the revenue generated by the ads with you. In this way, you will get awesome income monthly. However, your content should have a large number of viewers in order to get a huge income from it.

The top platforms that help you with your content are:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion

And many more.

Youtube is the number one among all the platforms that help you monetize your content. Youtube is owned by the giant company Google and it works in association with Google Adsense. Most of the people on the web use youtube for monetizing their video content. Youtube shows ads to the viewers and generates revenue which is then shared with the video owner. In this way, you can earn a lot with Youtube and Google Adsense.

What type of content is worth valuable to earn money online? Maybe this is the question right now running in your mind. To be frank, whatever video you will share, definitely it will bring visitors, I am not joking. There are a lot of videos on youtube which are worthless, still, they have a million views. This doesn’t mean all the videos on youtube are a waste.

My suggestions for you in making great content are:

  • Try to create tutorials on different topics. First, learn about what people are searching for the most on the internet. This can be possible through viewing google keywords. Create video content on that topic and upload it on your favorite platform. I would like to suggest youtube only as there are plenty of followers of youtube all over the world.
  • Share some sweet moments of your life with the viewers.
  • Try to create video content on DIYs (Do It Yourself) and upload the content. Share some hacks that can be helpful in your daily home needs.
  • Create video content on the information you know that may be related to your studies or any general knowledge.
  • Be sure that the content you create must be unique so as to attract viewers. It should not be copied down from else content.

I will discuss the tips and more on this in our future articles related to earning money through content.

Selling Homemade Items or Handcraft Products

Homemade Items are those items that can be prepared in the home. These items include cooked recipes or handcraft items. There are many big e-commerce websites that provide the facility of selling products on the website portal. You have to signup for their service and get verified. After successful verification, you can start selling your products on their website portal.

Food items usually require an FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license to carry out the food business, and for selling online, Tax registration (GST) is mandatory whether the products may be food items or handicrafts. Every country has its own food licensing and tax registration system, kindly follow as per your government guidelines.

The big eCommerce businesses which provide the opportunity of selling products on their platform are –

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Ajio

And many more.

However, all these major platforms require a lot of documentation for the authenticity of the business you are doing. You need a firm name, tax registration of the firm, and FSSAI license on the firm name, to register as a seller on their platform.

You can sell your homemade items or handicrafts online in 2 ways with ease. They are

  • By creating your own business website i.e., eCommerce website.
  • By using eCommerce CMS platform providing websites like Dukaan, where you can display your products to the public and use the website tools to collect the payments and for products deliveries.

We will discuss this elaborately in our future posts.

To sell anything online whether it may be a product or a service, you need marketing, start attracting the local audience by sharing information about your products through social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Use Google Pay, PhonePe, etc., for collecting the local payments of the customers, and handover them the products in great branded packing.

We will discuss all the strategies later that are required to run the business efficiently.

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