How to Buy Bitcoins using Debit / Credit Card in India?


This Topic Covers the Answers to Following Questions

Which is the Easiest Method for Purchasing Bitcoins?
Can we use Credit / Debit Cards for Buying Bitcoins?
What is the Genuine and Full Proof Method for Buying Bitcoins?
Is Credit / Debit Card Method better than the IMPS / NEFT Method for purchasing Bitcoins?

Prior to entering into this topic, Please do note that this Method works only in INDIA. However, if you reside in other countries but have Indian Debit / Credit Cards and Bank Accounts then you can proceed.

If you are new to Bitcoin System then please read our earlier topic “What is Bitcoin and How it differs from Other Currencies?” once.

Most of the Bitcoin Selling Services in India provides you IMPS / NEFT bank transfer method so as to buy bitcoins. The risk is moderate in such cases, once the transfer is completed you can’t get the amount back in case of any fraud issues. Thus the best way is introducing mediator in between You and the Bitcoin Seller.

Today we are going to have a discussion on two different services which can be used in combination in order to purchase Bitcoins. Let’s have a little introduction on those Services.


Unocoin is one of the most popular Bitcoin Company in India. It’s very easy to Buy, Sell, Store, Accept, Use and Transfer Bitcoins using Unocoin. What exactly you need is Creating an Account on Unocoin and it is obviously Free of Cost. You will get your Wallet Address upon successful verification and confirmation of your Account.


PayUMoney is one of the Best and Most Popular Payment Gateway of India. PayU provides state-of-the-art payment gateway solutions to online businesses through its cutting-edge and award-winning technology. It accepts Indian Credit Cards, Debit Cards and even Net Banking for transactions. What you need is Creating an Account on PayUMoney which is Free of Cost.

Important Note: While creating Accounts on Unocoin and PayUMoney please use the same Mobile Number for both of the Services

Few Points to Remember:

  • Unocoin provides you IMPS / NEFT Direct Bank Transfer method for purchasing Bitcoins. If you want to go ahead with Bank Transfer then there is no need of PayUMoney Account. Anyone can simply use the following Bank details of Unocoin to transfer funds and buy bitcoins. After the transfer is completed, provide them the Reference Number of Transaction via the form placed on their site. Note: Don’t Transfer Funds to below Bank Details until you have Verified and Confirmed Account on Unocoin.

Bank Name: State Bank of Mysore
Account Holder Name: Unocoin Technologies Private Limited
Account Number: 064174292872
IFSC Code: SBMY0040557
Account Type: Current Account

  • If you don’t want to use Bank Transfer method then you need PayUMoney Account which accepts Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking.
  • In my opinion using PayUMoney for purchasing Bitcoins from Unocoin is best so as to avoid faulty transactions and stay safe.

A Little Comparison of Payment Methods for Purchasing Bitcoins:

Buying Bitcoins


Buying Bitcoins

(Credit / Debit Card)

NEFT – Transaction needs time. Moreover, the seller needs to verify the transaction

IMPS – Transaction is Instant. However the seller needs to verify the transaction

Credit / Debit Card via PayUMoney – Transaction is Instant and there is no need of verification by the seller.
Purchase of Bitcoins takes time Instantly Bitcoins get deposited to your Wallet
No intermediary existence in between the Buyer and Seller. May leads to Fraud Cases or Faulty Transactions PayUMoney acts as Intermediary so no chance of Faulty Transactions or Fraud Cases
Only Transaction Reference Number serves as Proof here PayUMoney provides you Invoice for your Transaction with the Seller. More Safety Exists Here.
Non-refundable in case of any faults Chances of refunds do exists here

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