Paying pending TAX amount online

By this time you might have started filing the income tax. If not, then go through my post How to File TAX online.

After filling in the details from form16:

If Total Payable(D17) and Refund(D18) are zero then you need not pay anything and you will not get anything back.

If Refund(D18) has some value then you will get that amount back once you file your Returns after verification.

If  Total Payable(D17) in the Taxes paid and Verification tab has some value, then that should be payed to the income tax department, example shown below.

ePay TAX19

Below is the procedure for paying the left out tax amount:


Click on the link Income Tax Department’s e-filing website.

Login with your credential and click on E-Pay Tax.

ePay TAX


It will route you to the below screen. Just click on continue.

ePay TAX2

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