Content Delivery Netwotk (CDN) and Its Role in Website Traffic and Ranking


After a Long Back, I am here to provide information on Content Delivery Network in short “CDN” and its role in Website Ranking in Search Engines…

Content Delivery Network:

Content Delivery Network is a system of distributed servers that delivers the webpages and other web content to a User based on

Geographic Location of the User

The Origin of the Webpage

Content Delivery Server

How it Works:

     CDN usually Cache (Make a Copy of) the data of the website in its Server and then distribute it globally via Interconnected Servers. Have a Closer Look on this

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Representation

     The Origin Server in the above picture is the Place where your Website is hosted i.e., your Website’s Hosting Company. CDN’s Content Distributor in the middle makes a copy of your website (The term “Cache” is used for Copying). Later CDN’s Content Distributor distribute it to all its servers in Different Geographic Locations. The Surrogate Servers in the above picture are CDN’s Different Servers in Different Locations.

     Now let us assume, a visitor visits your website from India. The Surrogate Server (CDN’s Server) which is nearly located to India will plays a role in displaying your website to the Visitor but not your Origin Server. Thus the work load on your Origin Server gets reduce.

     Whenever you update your Website, then CDN’s Content Distributor will delete the old copy i.e old cache of your website and make a new one then distribute it.

     Hope you learned how a Content Delivery Network (CDN) works…

Role and Uses of Content Delivery Network (CDN):

  • CDN usually reduce the Page Load Time of your Website thereby promoting it in Search Engines.
  • CDN provides us a chance to host HTML, JavaScript and CSS files related to Website.
  • The Static Files of Website can be hosted on CDN Servers thereby reducing the Memory Size of your Website and Server Load.
  • The Backup of the Website can be done within short period if CDN is used for hosting Static Files.
  • Lagging of Website can be prevented by using CDN Services.
  • Usually CDN plays a Vital Role in Speeding the Delivery of Content of Websites with High Traffic and Websites that have global reach.
  • CDN reduce Website Bandwidth and provides protection from Hackers and Spammers.
  • Organizations use Content Delivery Network to accelerate Static Content, Dynamic Content, Mobile Content, E-Commerce Transactions, Video, Voice, Games and so on.

Thus, in short, CDN makes your Website Fast and I hope you know that Faster Websites have Higher Rankings in Search Engines. Moreover Fast Websites attracts Visitors, thereby Traffic get Increase.

Thanks for Reading…

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