How to Check Traffic and Earnings of Any Website

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     Today I am here with Mind Blowing Topic of Snooping Websites for their Traffic and Income. Hope Everyone Knows that Most of the Websites in the World monetize their content with Google Adsense or any Other Advertising Media such as Media.Net, Vibrant-Media etc., etc…

     Not Only with Advertisements, Most Websites (Usually with High Traffic) earn with Affiliation Programs. Today our Concept is dedicated to Determination of a Website Traffic and Earnings. You can calculate traffic and income of any website if you follow this guide.

     There are Many Websites which provide information on Traffic and Earnings of other Websites through Snooping Mechanism. Among them Few Websites are Best. Let’s have a Short Description on these Sites.

     Note: The Income of any Website is Calculated Roughly based on its Traffic. Few Websites earn with Ads whereas Few monetize with Affiliation Programs, So the Results are not 100% Accurate. Don’t Make any Decision based on this Generated Values…

Top Traffic and Income Snooping Websites in the World:

1. “Worth of Web” for Checking Income and Traffic of Any Website: for checking any website income and traffic

It is one of the amazing website which provides most of the information about a searched website. According to them “Our mission is to provide a test / comparison tool which you can track your progress. Improving websites, blogs, online businesses is a difficult task. We are in this industry. We tried to improve lots of websites, and we felt the need for a tool which can create a score / ranking so that we can track our progress, and we can find out our place compared to our competitors. We are totally aware that it is like impossible to be accurate with these estimations. After all, we are using public ranking systems which are not so accurate in the first place. Then we built our report based on these numbers and on our assumption that website is working on advertising/affiliate revenue model. So, please don’t expect anything 100% accurate.

               For Visiting Worth of Web Official Site, Click Here

2. “Web Value Check” for Checking Income and Traffic of Any Website: for checking any website income and traffic

               It is another amazing website which deals with providing most of the information of searched website. According to them “we calculate the website worth, daily traffic and page views, daily ads revenue, Alexa rank, Google page rank, backlinks count, website value and etc. These Stats are not accurate, they are just estimation.

               For Visiting Web Value Check Official Site, Click Here

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