How to Install Windows 7 Step-by-Step Procedure


How to install windows 7 ? Most of the people thinks its a difficult task to install windows 7 in pc or laptop, and only Professionals can do that.

No! my brothers its very easy and simple, if your follow below steps you can also install windows 7 smoothly and perfectly.

Overview of Windows 7 Requirement:

Before installation, check your system specifications(Processor, RAM, Mother Board, Graphics etc.,) meets windows 7 requirements in google, then proceed to install windows 7, otherwise you will face technical problems.

Things Required Before Installation Windows 7

If you have Bootable CD/DVD of Windows 7, Skip these information proceed to installation procedure, or you can download windows 7 ultimate 32bit and 64bit from here. If your CD/DVD Rom are not working properly, you can install windows 7 from USB/Pen drive by following these simple procedure shown here.

Windows 7 Installation Methods:

Installing Windows 7 from CD/DVD:

Step-by-Step Procedure with Screenshots:

Step 1: Go to BIOS Setup

boot priorityTurn ON your PC and Press “F2” or “Delete” Continuously. There will come up a BIOS Setup (Blue screen), Search for “BOOT” option, Select 1st boot priority to “CD/DVD Rom” and 2nd boot Priority to “Hard Drive”. After that press “ESC” and Select “Save changes and exit” Windows will restart and Ask to “Click any key to boot from CD/DVD rom….“So Press any key (Space bar, Enter etc.,) to start installation. Now Windows will start loading its files.

how to install windows 7 - loading files

Note : Bios Setup window may be different from this screenshot, its based on your motherboard and bios version.

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