How to Install Ubuntu in PC / Laptop (with Pictures)


How to Install Ubuntu in PC / Laptop:

Learn How to Install Ubuntu in PC or Laptop with pictures. Simple User Friendly Step by Step Guide for Ubuntu Installation.

Ubuntu Overview

Ubuntu in-built has some pre-installed features that we cant forget. It is a freeware, you can download it from its official website from Here.

Today we learn how to install Ubuntu OS in PC/Laptop in step by step process with screenshots for easy understanding and to avoid mistakes we normally do in installation.

Ubuntu Installation: Step by Step Guide

There are 2 methods or ways to Install Ubuntu in PC or Laptop.

  1. CD/DVD
  2. USB (Pen Drive / Memory Stick)

you can Download Ubuntu (ver. 15)

32bit From Here

64bit from Here

Before going into installation process, make sure your boot priority are correct in BIOS, 1st boot priority should be CD/DVD rom and 2nd priority should be Hard Drive. If you want to know about boot setting in BIOS, click Here.

If you are using a USB to install ubuntu in your laptop in-case of dvd drive is not working or in notebook, obviously notebook don’t have dvd drive. you can learn to install os through pen drive and to make your pen drive as bootable drive from Here.

Step 1: Boot from Pen-drive / CD

If your are using a USB drive. Press “F12” key continuously and then you will get your BOOT options. Select on “BOOT FROM USB”.  Incase F12 key is not working go to bios setup set pendrive as 1st boot priority and 2nd boot priority to hard drive.

Step 2: Language Selection

how to install ubuntu-welcome screen langauge selectionAfter booting CD / Pen Drive, installation ask to choose your language and begin the installation.

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