Natural Remedies for Constipation

Hi Friends today I would like to discuss about Remedies of Constipation. Almost everyone experiences constipation at some point in their life. Constipation is temporary and not serious.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is a symptom, It refers to bowel does not move easily or regularly. Constipation is Acute or Chronic Condition. In this Condition stools (bowel motion) may be hard and difficult to pass from Colon. It is a common cause of painful defecation.

colon status in constipationSymptoms:

  • Hard or lumpy stool
  • Trouble having bowel movements (Straining)
  • sensation of rectal blockage
  • sensation of incomplete emptying of your bowel

Natural Remedies to Relieve Constipation

1. Pure Olive oil and Lemon juice Mixture:


  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice

Method of preparation:

  • Take One tablespoon of Pure Olive oil, Slowly mix the One teaspoon of Lemon juice to Olive oil until get fine mixture.
  • Olive oil acts as a Stool softener and It helps to stimulate the Digestive system that leads to move Stools through Colon easily. Lemon juice acts as a Natural aid for Constipation because it has Citric acid. It is responsible for increasing bowel movement.

  olive oil and lemon juice for constipation

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