10 Ways to Make Your Phone Live Longer


          Most often we face lot of issue with over mobile phone due to our improper usage or care. As time pass their functions get degraded. We are responsible for such conditions and we don’t know the reasons, so these are 10 Important things you want to know about your smartphones.

Follow these simple tips to make your phone live longer:

1. Closing Running Apps:

Closing Background Running Applications of Mobile Phone

You don’t need to close your background running apps. Your phone is will freeze those apps. Frequently opening and closing apps will use more energy. IOS and Android will freeze those apps if you are not using them.

2. Charging overnight:

Charging Mobile Phones Overnight

Don’t leave your device plugged in overnight after reaching 100%. Lithium-ion batteries can overheat if charged too long. Heat can damage and weaken your mobile over time, battery backup will be loose.

3. Charging 100% every time:

Charging Mobile Phone 100% Every Time

you dont need to charge your mobile 100% every time, Charging to 80% and draining to 40% can optimize your battery life, and increase your battery backup.

4. Switch to AIRPLANE Mode:

Switching Mobile Phone to Airplane Mode

Turn On AIRPLANE Mode While charging it helps to charge faster, when you are free from your work just kept your phone in airplane mode and save your charging.

5. Draining Battery to 0% :

Draining Mobile Phone Battery to 0%

Don’t drain your battery consistently to 0%. Charging too often can damage your phone, but drain your battery all the way once a month or week will help to calibrate its charging efficiency and lifespan.

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