Guava and its Medicinal Properties


Hello Guys, Let’s Start with Short Description on “Guava Tree”.

Guava Tree: The Scientific Name of Guava Tree is “Psidium Guajava” belongs to family of “Myrtaceae”. It is low evergreen tree or shrub which is usually 6 to 25 feet high with wide spreading branches and downy twigs. The branches of Tree are so strong that they can withstand high winds. The leaves are usually 3-6 inches long, oblong or oval and blunt in shape. The Fruits are Green in color and When ripen turns to yellow.

Have a Look on Guava Tree and its Components i.e., Branches, Leaves and Fruits…

Guava Tree

Now Lets Discuss about each parts of the Guava Tree and their Medical Properties

Parts of Guava Tree with Medicinal Properties are as Follows:

1. Leaves          2. Fruits          3. Bark          4. Flowers

1. Leaves: The Leaves of Guava Tree are dark green in color that are opposite, simple, elliptic to ovate in shape and ranging from 5 to 15 cm in length.

Lets have a closer look on Leaves of Guava Tree…

Guava Leaves

     Guava Leaf Extract has many Medicinal Properties and Uses. We will discuss each and every aspect of Guava Leaves along with Method of Preparation of leaf extract.

     Medicinal Uses of Guava Leaves:

             * Infections: Guava Leaf Extract is used as a Disinfectant and Antiseptic for Dressing Wounds as it have an efficient anti-bacterial property.

             * Tooth Infections: If Decoction of Guava Leaf is used as Gargle, then it will helps in relieving Tooth-ache and Gum boils.

             * Digestive Disorders: Fresh Leaf Extract of Guava Leaves is used for treating Digestive Disorders as it contains quercetin and other flavonoids.

             * Rheumatic Pains: Powdered Leaves of Guava Tree have soothing effect in Rheumatic Pains on application.

             * Diarrhea: Guava Leaf Extract is used as Medicine in treating Gastroentitis (Dysentry) and Child Diarrhea.

             * Cold & Cough: Guava Leaf Tea Extract provides relief from Cold & Cough, Sore Throat by reducing formation of mucus.

             * Sperm Production: Guava Leaf Tea Extract is proven to be effective in increasing Sperm Production thus helping in Conception.

             * Allergies: Anti-Allergic Agents found in Guava Leaf Extract helps in reduction of all types of Allergies. Topical application of Guava Leaves paste on to the skin relieves the problem of itching.

             * Prostate Cancer: Due to rich content of Vitamin C, It is found to be useful in treating Prostate Cancer.

             * Acne & Black spots: Blend of Guava Leaves found to be useful in reducing Pimples (Acne) and Black Spots upon application on skin.

             * Blackheads Removal: Scrubbing the Face with blend of Guava Leaves is found to be helpful in reducing blackheads and also results in Anti-Ageing.

            * Hair Fall: Guava Leaf Extract is also found to be useful in reducing Hair Loss.

            * Dengue Fever: Decoction of Guava Leaves is found to be useful in increasing the Platelets Count thus ultimately helps to fight against Dengue Fever.

            * Weight Loss: Guava Leaf Extract aids in weight loss by preventing the conversion of Complex Starch into Sugars.

            * Lowers Cholestrol: Continuous use of Guava Leaf  Tea for 3 months leads to reduction in LDL (Bad Cholestrol) and Triglycerides.

            * Useful in Diabetes: Guava Leaf Tea lowers the Blood Glucose Levels by reducing the Alpha-Glucosidase Enzyme activity. Moreover It lowers the absorption of Sucrose and Maltose by the body, thereby reducing Blood Glucose or Sugar Levels.

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  1. Clifford Egere Kelekumor says

    Guava tree is a wounderful plant. I have learnt many new benefits of the Guava tree and will not hesitate to prepare them for my family members

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