What is Dehydration and How it affects the Body ?

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What Exactly Dehydration Means?
How to Diagnose Dehydration?
What are the Causes and Symptoms of Dehydration?

Hi Everyone, I am back with Important Concept of Dehydration. I will try to Explain the Whole Dehydration Concept in Simple Sense.

Let’s Start with its Meaning, Hope Everyone Knows it. Dehydration is “Loss of Water Content from the Body. If Water Elimination from the Body is more when compared to Water Intake then You are definitely at the risk of Dehydration.

What is Dehydration and How it Affects the Body?

     Many of us treat Dehydration as Simple One, but let me know you that Severe Dehydration even leads to Death of the Person.

How to Know that a Particular Person is Dehydrated or Suffering from Dehydration?

Answer to this Question is Very Simple. There are few Physical Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration which you can Observe when Dehydrated Person approaches you. For Example – Dry Mouth, Dry Lips, Dry Skin, Tiredness, Decreased Urine Output, Headache, Muscle Stiffness and Cramps, Extreme Thirst, Rapid Heartbeat and Breathing, No Tears while Crying and Fever. Please Have a Look on the Descriptive Image Provided Below…

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

     I Hope You Understood a Lot from above Image. Nobody Opens their Mouth and Show you Because You are not a Doctor. Yet you can observe their Skin and Lips. If Someone near you has Very Dried Skin and Lips, First provide him / her a Glass of Water and Intimate him / her that you are suffering from Dehydration and advice them to have plenty of water intake so as to compensate the water elimination.

Kindly Keep in Mind that Diagnosis won’t based on a Single Sign. If a person has two to three symptoms similar to those described in above picture then you can conclude that he / she is completely dehydrated.

     Muscle Cramps is the Major Issue with Dehydration. Person who is dehydrated suffers from huge pain due to Muscle Stiffness and Cramps. Ions are required for proper contraction and relaxation of muscles especially Potassium ions. Dehydration causes Depletion of Ions which ultimately stops proper functioning of Muscles thereby leading to Severe Pain.

Do You Know –> Heart stops Pumping Blood if Ions wont reach to Muscles of Heart. That’s why i told you earlier that Severe Dehydration even leads to Death of Person as the Vital Organs Functioning get Paused.

What are the Reasons behind Dehydration?

Whatever the possible things which causes Elimination of Water from the Body are the Reasons and Causes behind Dehydration. For Example – Diarrhea, Vomiting, Excessive Urination, Excessive Sweating, Hot Climate, Sun Stroke, Fever and Exercising Outside etc.. Please Have a Look on the Descriptive Image Provided Below…

Reasons and Causes of Dehydration

     Hope the above Image and Description helps in Better Understanding of Reasons behind Dehydration. If you or your Neighbor facing this Issues then try to Compensate the Water Loss with Water Intake. If you left it Untreated then it will leads to major Complicated Issues.

Hope you learned Basics on Dehydration. Thanks for Reading

My Next Post will be related to How to Overcome Dehydration with Natural Therapies. The Title of Post will be “Tips and Natural Remedies to Beat the Heat of the Summer

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