How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files Without Using any Software


     Some times when we are frustrated with low disk space, mentally disturbed or any other conditions, we delete those waste files or folder from our computer, later we realize their are some important files in it. To recover those files or folder from recyclic bin but you cant because you deleted permanent from the recyclic bin.

     When you delete files from your computer, they are not really deleted from your computer their traces are still on your computer hard disc from this traces we can recover our permanently deleted files, but on only one condition when you deleted some files you have to make sure, you are not going to copy any other files into the system, because when you copy other files into the computer, the traces of permanently deleted files will get replace with newly copied files, in that case you cant recover your deleted files with any software. 

     So you can recover files before any other files copied. Now i will show you how to recover files, you have to do some simple steps, Today im going to share with you some tricks, and show you some software’s which are useful to get back those files. This tricks works perfectly in windows vista, 7 as well as in windows 8. Lets Begin…

How to Recover files in windows vista and windows 7, 8 without any software

     Lets assume you have a folder with name “college pics” on your desktop or any other drive, and you permanently delete some pics from it, late you realize you have done something wrong, and you wants to recover deleted pics.

     * Simply right click on the folder” collage pics” in that menu.
* Select “Restore Previous Version” option.

Restore Previous Version Option

     * Now you will see recovering options.

     * If you dont have this “Restore previous versions” option on right clicking, Then go to “control panel > System & Security > system protection”.

     * On left side bar you can see this “system protection” option, as shown below.

Recover and Restore Lost or Deleted Data without using Software

     * On Clicking System Protection you will see option which are clearly seen on above image.

     * You have to select the drives and click on configure, and select option to recover files, and allot space as you like to keep your files safe and to get recover on accidental deleting.

     * I suggest you to allot minimum 2GB to 5GB based on your hard disk and drive space.

     * Then select “OK” option from now onwards you can see the “Restore previous version” option on right click.

     Note: If you cant see “Restore previous version” option after u deleted files and you try to recover those files, i suggest you to use recovery softwares instead of above trick i shown to you.

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